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Why we do what we do

We believe that eCommerce is relevant to almost everybody.

1. Growth of eCommerce – faster and faster, higher and higher.

In Germany, eCommerce grew by plus 12% compared to the previous year in 2013*. The volume is set to exceed 30 billion Euros for the first time.

2. Polarisation – Less providers do more.

A continued concentration on a decreasing number of top providers can be observed. The ten eCommerce players with the highest sales already generate one third of the market turnover. By 2015, no more than 5 entry paths will initiate more than 80% of online turnover.

3. Accessibility and service – Everything is available always immediately.

For manufacturers, brands and traders that wish to be successful on the Internet, it is important to be represented on the major marketplaces. In addition, consumers today expect to be offered diverse modes of payments, fast delivery and a good customer service.

4. Change – Always one step ahead.

Mobile commerce, omni-channel, same-day delivery, cross-border trade, click & collect etc. Customers are becoming increasingly more flexible and change their purchase behaviour increasingly faster. As a result, the pace of the change of eCommerce is also increasing.

* Source: Statista