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What we do for you

Our entire service spectrum is adapted to placing the focus on the end customer in order to generate additional turnover for our clients through satisfied customers.

Marketplace business

LIMAL is not only one of the major services providers on eBay in Germany, but also operates multi-channel listing on other marketplaces. Furthermore, we cooperate with diverse deal platforms and have access to closed customer groups.


Online Shops

Our subsidiary Tradizio offers you stand-alone solutions so that you can present yourself with your own online shop. You thus have access to high-performance content generation and administration and can additionally link the offers to the marketplace business. One of our strong online partners in this area is ISA Hamburg.


Logistics & Fulfilment

We offer flexibly combinable services in the fulfilment area for our clients. Up to 10,000 parcels are dispatched every day from an approx. 20,000 m2 warehouse area at three EU locations. Our experienced and professional team ensures product-specific storage, consignment and packaging.


Service spectrum

Content generation »

Ideally, you provide us with comprehensive image and text material on all products of your range. Alternatively, LIMAL makes use of its own photo studio where it can produce pictures optimised for eCommerce. Equally, we provide you with the option of using our editors who will create texts for you.

In-house design and creation »

LIMAL has its own designers and web programmers. Templates, shop-in-shops as well as newsletters are produced in-house. We work according to your specifications – and will be happy to directly consult the corresponding marketing departments and style guide templates. For complex shops, such as eBay brand shops, we maintain a well-functioning network of agencies with many years of expertise in this area.

CRM-Marketing »

Observing the legal data privacy requirements, all customer data is secured by us once a successful sale has been completed and is then leveraged for possible after-sales activities. Every day, LIMAL sends out several thousand newsletters with changing focus topics. These are complemented by diverse seasonal campaigns and promotions. Our clients can choose to participate in the sales-promotion and marketing measures.

Account Management »

As our client, you will be assigned a fixed LIMAL contact person for all your concerns. This Account Manager will ensure a smooth integration process during which all procedures between you and us will be defined. Your Account Manager will look after you product range – always striving to ensure successful cooperation with the goal of achieving good sales.

Market Services »

Our Market Services department is responsible for the optimal generation of listings. This includes the definition of categories, the generation of keyword optimised titles, integration of cross promotion, pricing coordination, and many more details through to continuous product and listing updates.

Debtor Management »

Initially, you decide whether you wish to act as selling and invoicing party yourself, or if LIMAL should be the seller of your goods. We offer our end customers virtually any possible mode of payment, from payment in advance through to credit card, Paypal and invoice. You decide which ones of these should be available in practice.

Customer Service »

Especially in online commerce, good customer service for the end consumers is important to establish close ties with the customer. For this purpose, customers can contact our competent and multilingual service center via e-mail, fax or phone if they have any questions about products or sales processes. Naturally, we are the first contact in case of any problems also after the sale, and we handle the entire complaint and return process.

Returns handling »

We handle the commercial as well as the operational aspects of the entire returns process. For this purpose, we have set up our own returns portal that is available to our end customers. The legitimacy of every returned product is checked and the condition of the goods is documented. Once returned, the goods are stored for renewed marketing. LIMAL offers a wide range of goods refurbishing options for hard goods and also in the fashion area.

Security »

We have designed a special system for guaranteeing the security and speed of payment processing for completed transactions: All turnovers are paid into a collective trust account opened by LIMAL, and all payments received on it are booked and processed on a daily basis. This account is subject to strict rules defined by us so that the commission turnovers for all clients are secured.

Research and Market Analysis »

LIMAL assists its partners in complying with economic parameters. This allows us to generate sales analyses of your product range vis-a-vis similar product ranges, before our cooperation begins. In addition, you receive detailed calculations based on individual products. Further tools, such as automated price comparisons across different platforms, are to help you keep track of sales, yield and margin.

Sales Analysis, Reporting and Invoicing »

On a monthly basis (or even on a weekly basis during the initial pilot phase, if requested), our clients receive detailed breakdowns of all sales, with the respectively achieved prices, volumes, etc. This permits a comparison and optimisation of differently used sales settings. Based on detailed billing of every individual sale, compared with the costs of the provided services, the clients issue an invoice and are subsequently paid their profits.

Drop Shipping »

Some of our clients only make use of a part of our services while, for example, handling logistics & fulfilment themselves. To this end, an IT interface is set up between LIMAL and the respective client via that all incoming orders can be transmitted and processed. The respective client picks, packs & ships itself at its own warehouse. Duplicate warehousing and additional transport costs thus fall away.

Shop Formats and Services

eBay LIMAL Sale »

Listing on one of our LIMAL accounts represents a cost-efficient and fast variant for selling your goods on eBay. You enjoy the benefits of our top seller status and do not have to concern yourself with anything else. At the same time, you maintain complete control and achieve a high proceeds optimisation by avoiding intermediary trade.

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eBay shop-in-shop »

Using the shop-in-shop format, we sell branded products in a brand- and product-specific manner within the LIMAL brand and sales channel structure (department store principle with corresponding point-of-sale for brands).

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eBay brand shop »

Since 2008, eBay has offered the "eBay brand shop" format with great success. More than 120 brands are already presented in this format in order to distribute goods via the world's largest marketplace while simultaneously operating marketing and branding. LIMAL is one of the most important partners and a so-called Full Service Provider (FSP) for these eBay brand shops.

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LIMAL Fulfillment »

On our 20,000 m² warehouse area, we offer optimal conditions for the product-specific and professional storage of your goods. Our specialised and knowledgeable staff ensures the smooth consignment and packaging – as a result, we can dispatch up to 10,000 parcels per day.

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Online-Multichannel »

Online multi-channelling means offering a core stock of products for sale on different sales channels. LIMAL is able to distribute your goods simultaneously in several eBay shops (e.g. brand shop, shop-in-shop), on Amazon, in an online shop and/or using other successful online sales channels.

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Special Services »

We offer a wide range of flexible special services optimally tailored to the customer's requests. Aside from warranty handling, we also offer refurbishing of your goods, re-packaging and the addition of flyers – to mention just a few of our special services.

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eBay LIMAL Charity »

Together with eBay and the donation platform betterplace, we wish to make the world a better place!

We achieve this goal through a simple principle where everybody can participate: We sell products, remaining stock, B goods or other goods donated by companies via our eBay Account LIMAL Charity. In exchange, the donor of the goods and its brand enjoy advertising on the project page on eBay and on betterplace in a highly social environment, and it can choose itself which social project it wishes to support with 100% of the proceeds from the sales. Through this social engagement, we, together with various donors, have successfully supported numerous projects in the areas education, children, disaster aid, etc.

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